Be Careful With Your Exclamation Points, You May be Giving People the Wrong Idea!!!!

I’m catching up on social media this evening and cuddling my C babe, because that’s usually what I do when we’re watching Mighty Magic Swords and I’m bored out of my fucking mind. I’ve noticed for quite a while, that people excessively use exclamation points. And I just don’t fucking get it. By adding an exclamation point, even just one, you […]


I’m  skeptical to even mention this. Because it might increase the hysteria and make my situation even worse. But, the hunt has gotten so much more desperate, that it’s probably worth mentioning on the Internet. If you follow me on snapshat (Stefafafa), you probably already know what I’m talking about. Birthday-Cake-Mother-Fucking-Halo-Top. I think Mr. Steele may have made me aware […]

The Thing I Said I’d Do

I promised more vacation stuff. So here it is. Anyway. Yosemite and Lake Tahoe. *Disclaimer. My pictures are fucked. I don’t know how to fix them. SO deal with it.* As I mentioned before, I went on an adventure with my super-hot-amazing-fucking-great-boyfriend and my bestest-friend-forever, Whitney. I’m  a bit of a diva, and instead of merely celebrating the day of […]

Grandma’s got a 5th of Whiskey and her Middle Fingers Up – (A.K.A. Yosemite and other awesome shit)

Before I get into the trip itself, I have to get this part of the story out-of-the-way. On the day of my birth, May 25th, I experienced the most epic near death experience. This day, during my birthday week extravaganza, we were travelling from Lake Tahoe to Yosemite. In the middle of the Sierra-Nevada’s, we winded past lakes and other […]

I Forgot to Name This Post…Whoops!

In anticipation of my soon-to-be existential drop off of the face of the earth. A.K.A – Quarter End. I decided it would be a fantastic time to use up the ridiculous amount of vacation days that I’ve already accumulated before I start working 70 hour weeks through the rest of April. I haz the SMRT. To be honest, I had […]

Insert Status Update {Here}

I am sitting here, writing this blog post, and stuffing my face with a sandwich because it’s after 9 p.m. and I am just eating “dinner”. I usually don’t cook when my C babe is with her Dad. So dinner, is whatever is easiest and/or healthiest to assemble in my fridge. Anyway. I’m sure you’re all crazy with anticipation, wondering […]

Calling It Quits

As 2015 has been winding down, I’ve noticed all the usual articles floating around the Interwebs in all of their New Years Resolution glory. Lose weight! Eat healthy in 2016! Ect.   However, there was one such article that caught my eye, and it went something like, “What Happened When I Quit Drinking Coffee and Alcohol For 30 Days.” Obviously, […]

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